Our Rules

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Our Rules

Post  Famis on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:35 pm

Our rules

Rule one donate 25% of your weekly silver earnings. Failure to do this results in demotion to rank one until paid in full

Rule two disrespect the officers your demoted and have to prove your worthy of that rank agian.

Rule three please refraim from harrasing our honorary member Gina. Once is a warning twice a demotion trice your kicked

Rule four no whining when you start a fight you cant win. We wont help you

Rule five no sexaul harasment.Imediate kick

Rule six when at war we all fight. You become Dishonorable

Rule seven dont disrespect me or any officer with foul laguage will get you kicked and blacklisted

Rule eight no contacting blacklisted knights.Dishonorable

Rule nine Always have fun


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Consequences for broken rules

Post  Emonati on Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:49 pm

Break Rule #3
harrasment 1 warning of demotion
Harrasment 2 Demotion
Harrasment 3 Kick
Break Rule #5
Its an automatic Kick
Break Rule #6
You have to start from square one even if you are a elder or master
Break Rule #8
Will result in a double demotion and a probation of 100,000 silver coins

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